Before registration:

  • Academic, government, research and not-for-profit institutions in lower income countries, areas and territories are eligible for access to Research4Life.  Check your eligibility .
  • If your institution is a university or professional school, before filling the form, check the  list of registered universities and professional schools . If your institution is already listed, do not register again. Ask at your library for the access. If the library staff is unaware of the access details, he or she may contact the HelpDesk.

During registration:

  • Please select your country and type of institution from the drop-down menu.
  • Please note that Research4Life needs two (preferably three) official contacts to process the request. Please write full names and institutional email addresses of all contacts.
  • Avoid Acronyms and spell out the complete name of institutions and departments.

After registration:

  • welcome message will be sent within 4 weeks to the director and library contacts. If you are registering on behalf of your institution, please alert them that they will receive an email from Research4Life if the registration is approved.
  • With the welcome message, the director and the library contacts will receive a license agreement. They will need to fill it out, sign and return soon after receipt.

Please note that (1) More than one contact is required to register an institution. (2) Only institutions are eligible to register for access; individuals are not.

If your institution has a library, we prefer that the library completes this registration form.

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